Recall Notification - Threshold Warning

Safety Standard Non-Compliance Recall Notification (#07E-095)

This notice is posted as a convenience to our customers who wish to check their Ricon lift serial number(s) against the master list of lifts requiring inspection and/or repair.Ricon Corp. has determined that a safety related non-compliance with S6.1 of the 403 (Threshold Warning System) exists in certain “DOT Public Use” and “DOT Private” platform wheelchair lifts manufactured between April 1, 2005 and October 9, 2007.


The non-compliance with S6.1 of the 403 is the result of the Threshold Warning System not detecting the presence of a wheelchair or mobility aid user in a certain spot within the defined threshold area. In the event this condition occurs during passenger operations the wheelchair or mobility aid user may move toward the vehicle lift door when the lift platform is below floor level. This situation could cause personal injury.




On the Ricon website, locate the Serial number(s) on your lift(s). Enter each serial # in the space provided at the bottom of this page and press submit. If your serial # is one of those included in this recall follow the procedures outlined below to perform modifications as follows:

You will require Kit # 39979, supplied by Ricon at no charge

1. Park the vehicle in a safe location.

2. Locate and remove 2 bolts at the bottom of the Threshold Warning System (TWS) covers on the inboard surfaces of the right and left side baseplate towers.

3. Slide the covers up to remove top cover clips from towers.

4. Remove optical sensors and retainer clips from inside the two cover assemblies.

5. Reinstall sensors into new TWS covers with new retainer clips provided.

6. Slide new covers over towers and reinstall the 2 bolts at the bottom of the towers.

7. Discard original parts.


If you are already factory trained to perform service on Ricon lifts, the repairs can be done at your location. If you are not factory trained to service Ricon lifts, we will arrange for the repairs to be done at the nearest Ricon authorized service center/dealer.

Upon notification Ricon will provide you or the Ricon authorized dealer, the replacement parts kit. We will provide all the necessary adjustment instructions and/or replacement parts Free of Charge.

We have attached an “Inspection/Repair Log”, for your convenience, to record the inspection and/or repairs that are completed on your lifts. Please download this form and fax a copy of the completed Log indicating the inspection and/or repairs were completed to (818) 267-3075.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have any questions concerning these procedures please contact Ricon’s Customer Service at (800)322-2884 ext. 3075 or email at


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